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Just some words & stuff on me & WordPress

Posted in Other Designs, Resources & Bookmarks - Friday, September 19th, 2008

EN – I felt inspired today by a post by Dinu, one of my older readers, to share a bit of my WordPress experience so far. If you are thinking you have found here an expert, look somewhere else, hehe, my experience with WordPress started last year by chance. I was using Blogger just to upload trip and cat pictures and had heard of the beauty of WordPress, but as many I know, I ended up opening a blog on, really confused between what the .org and .com difference was… DOH!! Like if there’s anything similar between them! But well, what can I say, I didn’t know better. Anyways, as soon as I realized .com couldn’t be the wonderful thing I was hearing about, I searched a bit better and understood what the fuzz was about, a wonderful magical package called WordPress, that you could unwrap like a gift and drop inside your hosting to do magic!!!

And here I am, 1 year after, and I can say really that I have SO MUCH FUN playing around WordPress, and I am SO ADMIRED by the amazing developing community that creates incredible extensions everyday, that I always suggest everyone: MOVE TO WORDPRESS!! Hehehe, I feel like a WordPress spokeperson, but I swear I am not getting any money, hehehe!!

So anyways, I felt like sharing today with you some of my WordPress Bookmarks and Resources, in the spirit of the 2.0 community!!! Scroll down under the spanish translations for the listing!!

ES – Hoy me sentí inspirada por un post de Dinu, uno de mis más antiguos lectores, para compartir un poquito de mi experiencia WordPress hasta ahora. Si está buscando a una experta, busquen en otro lugar, jaja, my experiencia con WordPress comenzó el año pasado por casualidad. Estaba usando Blogger hasta el momento, pero únicamente para postear fotos de viajes y de mis gatos, y oí hablar de lo grandioso de WordPress, pero como muchos que conozco, terminé abriendo un blog en, realmente confudida sobre la diferencia entre .com y .org… DOH!! O sea, NO TIENEN NADA DE PARECIDO!! Pero bueno realmente no sabía nada al respecto. Así que ni bien me di cuenta que el .com no era la octava maravilla de la que oía hablar, busqué un poquito mejor y encontre este hermoso y mágico paquete del que todos comentaban!!! Un paquete que uno podía desatar y simplemente tirar dentro del propio hosting para hacer un poco de magia!!!

Aquí estoy, 1 año después, y debo decir que me he divertido tanto jugando con WordPress, y estoy TAN ADMIRADA de la increíble comunidad de desarrolladores que crea extensiones cada día, que siempre le sugiero a la gente: MÚDENSE A WORDPRESS!! Me siento casi como una vocera de WordPress, pero les juro no estoy recibiendo dinero!! jajaja!

De cualquier manera, en el espíritu de esta comunidad contributiva 2.0, sentí hoy que debía compartir con ustedes algunos de mis Recursos y Favoritos de WordPress!! Así que miren a continuación!!


Other people’s incredible WP stuff!!


Maybe some of them can be useful to the ones of you using WordPress!!

  • cforms. For the wonderful Contact Form!! / Para tener un formulario de contacto!!
  • Configurable Tag Cloud. Yes, a great addition to make a pretty tag cloud!! / Éste es un plugin increíble para crear una nube de etiquetas como la que está en la columna izquierda.
  • Custom Smileys. A wonderful plugin I use to display my wonderful emoticons by Elise!! / Un plugin que te permite mostrar otros emoticones que los default de WordPress, y que yo uso para mostrar estos bellos de nubecitas hechos por Elise!!
  • flickrRSS. Allows you to integrate the photos from a flickr rss feed into your site!! Like i do on the left column!! / Permite integrar fotos de tu flickr en tu blog!!!
  • Lightview Plus to use LightView. For the wonderful overlay of images! / Para mostrar las imágenes sobre el blog de manera muy hermosa!!
  • My Top Commentators. To know your most faithful followers!! / para saber quiénes y cuánto comentan!!
  • PrestoGifto. To integrate you Cafepress store!! / Para integrar Cafepress en tu WordPress!!
  • Subscribe to comments. Very helpful when you are offering something in your posts, like I offer my templates, and you get questions and requests! / Muy buen plugin para que tus lectores se mantengan informados de las discusiones en tus posts!

EN – Well, I hope some of this helps you in some way!! And as usual, just live your questions in here if you have any!!I promess I’ll try to gather also some Blogger resources for all of you using it!!

And please, if you have some links to share with me, DO SO!! Leave them here on the comments!! I love to add more and more stuff to my Google Reader, that’s for sure!!

ES – Bueno, espero que esto les sirva de algo!! Como siempre, dejen sus preguntas aquí si tienen alguna!! Les prometo que trataré de juntar también algunos recursos de Blogger para aquellos que lo usan!!

Y por favor, si tienen links que compartir conmigo, HAGANLO!! Déjenlos aquí en los comentarios!! Me encanta agregar más cosas a mi Gogle Reader!!!

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1st header finished! And some other stuff…

Posted in Custom Blog Designs, Other Designs - Friday, June 20th, 2008

So my flue is almost gone, luckily Thanks to everyone that wrote me with tips to get better… Amazing suggestions like drinking some “grog” *giggle* and I thought that was what pirates used to drink!! Hihihi

Anyways, I feel much better now, and I already started packing for my holidays wohoooo! Ho – li – days!!! I can’t believe they are so close, and that I flying into summer (it’s winter down here), so it will feel nice for sure. Specially fun will be to experiment the long days of norwegian summer I do promess to post some pics

Back to blog related news, remember first giveaway winner, Ameera’s Mum? here is the result of the giveaway. She wanted of course something that fitted the Blog’s title: “A princess story”. And this is what I made for her (click on the thumb down here to see it full size and working).

I started now working on the second’s winner design. So I’ll be showing it to you guys really soon Please let me know what you think on this one!!!!

Last but not least, just got a pic from the cards for a friend’s nephew baptism hihi you can probably guess I made the little angel, and I am really happy with the way it looks finished I think he picked like the perfect paper (see the texture? it’s so pretty!!)

*hugs to all and thanks for reading!!!*

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Birdie Says Revamped

Posted in News, Other Designs, Shopping for Cute Stuff! - Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Today I took a little bit of my time and did a bit of revamping to my Birdie Says shop at cafepress.

Since the cafepress template system is a bit aged (all made out of tables) is a bit more messy and complicated than touching the css, or at least i have gotten the hang now of touching css templates and then it became a bit of a headache!!


So anyways, if you can, please pass by and let me know what you think!

I also revamped with the same style the shop

*hugs to all of you*

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Personal Icons/Íconos Personales

Posted in Other Designs - Sunday, September 16th, 2007

My icons

es/ Mi set de íconos para el sitio! No está para descargar porque es para uso personal.
en/ I present you: my icon set!! Sorry it won’t be available for download since it’s for my site, but I am available for icon sets requests!

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