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Birdie’s Etsy Flights

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights - Monday, September 21st, 2009


  1. FALL IS IN THE AIR -LARGE PLEATED BAG by daphnenen – $69.00 USD
  2. Wooden deer brooch by enna $15.00 USD
  3. Waiting by Geninne – $25.00 USD
  4. Big Stationery Sampler by cicadastudio – $12.00 USD
  5. Uroko Necklace 2 by tomoem – $25.00 USD
  6. As She Carries by TheNebulousKingdom – $30.00 USD
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Birdie’s Etsy Flights

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights - Sunday, July 26th, 2009


  1. I LOVE MY CAT print by juliabe – 15 USD
  2. Cool We Live Here Building Designs Notebook Journal – BIG SIZE by RetroNaNa – 19 USD
  3. The Original Decision Maker – SOLID SILVER heirloom NECKLACE by adorapop – 52.95 USD
  4. Olive Handbag by BlackBags – 56.00 USD
  5. Tiny Fox Necklace – needle felted by motleymutton – 35.00 USD
  6. sexy BUTTERFLY TATTOO thigh-high socks LIGHT MOCHA by post – 18 USD
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Birdie’s Etsy Flights: Black Cats

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights - Tuesday, April 21st, 2009


  1. Custom Kitty Cat Mary Jane Shoes – Size 7 by emandsprout – 22 USD
  2. Black Bat Cat Doll by twentypoundtabby – 22 USD
  3. AGAIN, I KNOW, BUT I LOVE IT – 3 Black Cats Portrait painting PRINT 10×8 by tascha – 15 USD
  4. BLACK / PINK KITTY CAT AVIATOR ear flap fleece Hat cosplay goth punk by qutewear – 24.99 USD
  5. Black Kitty Necklace by cherryboop – 9 USD
  6. My Black Cat Note Set by blacklilypie – 9 USD
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Birdie’s Etsy Flights: New Prints Edition!

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights - Saturday, April 4th, 2009

EN – As you know I love prints And since I am moving at the end of the year I am making a little collection for my new home. This means I window shop a lot for prints Today I bring you some of my last favorites from Etsy!!

ES – Como ya todos saben, me encantan los prints Y como me estoy mudando a fin de año estoy armando una pequeña colección para mi nueva casa. Estoy significa que miro mucho online buscando prints Hoy les muestro algunas de mis nuevas favoritas en Etsy!!

il_430xn47285497 il_430xn60210449 il_430xn61443758 il_430xn47465216 il_430xn63644121 il_430xn61217946 il_430xn64510178 il_430xn60475729 il_430xn64349001 il_430xn51540120

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I want them all!

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights, Shopping for Cute Stuff! - Monday, March 23rd, 2009

EN – This to follow my previous notebook addiction post, here.

ES – Esto para seguir mi entrada anterior sobre mi adicción a los cuadernos y anotadores, aquí.

il_430xn45869094 il_430xn45899256 il_430xn45899558 il_430xn46035078 il_430xn62503032 il_430xn62658292 il_430xn62658735 il_430xn62734066 il_430xn46338464 il_430xn50032975 il_430xn45571038 il_430xn45159319

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Give me notebooks!!

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights, Shopping for Cute Stuff! - Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

EN – One of the things I love the MOST to shop for is notebooks, even if I won’t write anything on them, because they are just too pretty to ruin… I love them!!

ES – Una de las cosas que más me gusta comprar son cuadernos, incluso si sé que son tan bonitos que no escribiré nada en ellos para no arruinarlos… Me encantan!!

il_430xn62050028 il_430xn62035066 il_430xn60790002 il_430xn61400513 il_430xn60410674 il_430xn62040876 il_430xn48608439 il_430xn464511831 il_430xn46847497 il_430xn61728897 il_430xn60541162 il_430xn43698310

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