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Pretty, pretty, pretty

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights - Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Window shopping in Etsy is always a pleasure

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So much to do, I need a notepad!

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights - Friday, December 11th, 2009

EN – Crazy times the times of moving across the planet! I need notepads to make a million to-do lists! Check these ones out!!

ES – Locos son los tiempos cuando uno se muda al otro lado del planeta! Necesito muchos anotadores para hacer un millón de listas de pendientes!! Miren estos!!

il_430xN.72940185 il_430xN.108933870 il_430xN.109339518 il_430xN.109208497 il_430xN.108996292 il_430xN.108937949 il_430xN.96406102 il_430xN.107438036 il_430xN.108393390 il_430xN.108439888

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Birdie’s Etsy Flights: New Home Dreams

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights - Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

il_430xN.104713123 il_430xN.99729902 il_430xN.98174892 il_430xN.96798555 il_430xN.13976533 il_430xN.101488816 il_430xN.101532738 il_430xN.89544907 il_430xN.104571714 il_430xN.104490998

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Birdie’s Etsy Flights

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights - Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

il_430xN.92106830 il_430xN.85395747 il_430xN.99754345 il_430xN.67724284 il_430xN.51750276 il_430xN.98564022 il_430xN.97434759 il_430xN.96009023 il_430xN.99795182 il_430xN.99020029

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Birdie’s Etsy Flights: Tape & More Tape!

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights - Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

EN – It’s a good time to start stocking tape for holidays presents!!

ES – Un buen momento para empezar a juntar cinta para los regalos de navidad!!

il_430xN.84433830 il_430xN.68654694 il_430xN.68804434 il_430xN.97945547 il_430xN.70973548 il_430xN.68807132 il_430xN.96549585 il_430xN.75183090 il_430xN.81206912 il_430xN.86293979 il_430xN.97725736 il_430xN.97601428

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Birdie’s Etsy Flights: Random Things I Love

Posted in Birdie's Etsy Flights - Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

il_430xN.94272769 il_430xN.95004085 il_430xN.96371206 il_430xN.70972876 il_430xN.74064265 il_430xN.96705994 il_430xN.78764886 il_430xN.63774058 il_430xN.96962532 il_430xN.95835402 il_430xN.95859607 il_430xN.97006719 il_430xN.96633208 il_430xN.76659417 il_430xN.94266964 il_430xN.96962845

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